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Welcome To xNextGenerationClan Website

Who We Are?

We are a mw3 ps3 clan we like to quickscope and trickshot we recruite active members,people who do stuff for the clan and people who can make montages,banners there is also a modding parrt of the clan DCModdingTeam this is only for MODDERS!! we look for people who rtm alll cods make recoveries and make there own tools 

Who Is The Leader And The Co-Leader?

The Leader is me xNG-Modder and the Co-Leader is xNG-Fearless we are both active users and would love if you guys could text us on ps3 if you are intrested in joining

Do We Play Other Games?

Well..... We Mostly play mw3 because that is our clan game but if you want to go on any other games that is fine i sometimes play mw2 and other games but mostly mw3 

How Do I Get In The Clan?

To get in the clan you have to 1v1 me or the clan quickscoper and you have to beat us to prove you are good enough for the clan to do that just leave me a skype message

How To Contact Us?

To contact us could you please leave us a skype message: tylerdee5 or text me on ps3 xNG-Modder

Thanks For Reading About Our Clan! From xNG-Modder {Clan Leader}

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